Help Ukrainian

We support, train, and coach Ukrainian newcomers to Canada affected by the war in Ukraine to help them find a job, become independent and kick-start their career in North America.

Help Ukrainian

Who We Are

We are a group of Ukrainians and their friends with a shared passion to help newcomers adapt to their life in Canada and land new career opportunities. Our mission is to share the best-quality knowledge and proven, highly practical resources to help newcomers navigate the Canadian job market, learn about hiring processes, and master Canadian professional communication.

What We Do

Job Search Skills Workshops
(online & offline)

• resume & cover letter writing • job interview skills • workplace communication

Educational Resource Creation

Community Connection

Meet our Team

Ana Lokotkova

Career Advisor @ CV LABS by Ana Lokotkova

Julia Levina

Business consultant, Psychologist

Sergii Volodarskyi

Data Engineer @ MNP LLP

Daryna Pechenchis

Social Media Manager, Social Strategist

Why This Project Matters

Starting a new life from scratch is hard – job searching is a crucial part of it. Every Ukrainian affected by the war deserves to have financial stability and an opportunity to leverage their professional skills in a new work environment while supporting their families and building toward a more peaceful future.

Connect With Us

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